4/16/2017 HasbunAllah wa Ni’mal Wakeel

HasbunAllah wan Ni’mal Wakeel

Allah is all I need, the greatest Guardian


I don’t need but anything else


Remove distractions


Simply my life


Fewer focuses means better attention to the few focuses


Consciousness of the necessary


Trust in Allah


No need to worry about anything


Take care of my own responsibilities


Not my problem if oppressed by another


Pay attention to the opportunities which I oppress


I am not going to be called into account for what an oppressor does to me


Traveling light




Remove my wrongs


Remove my waste


Guide the me from me


Know who I am


Is this me? Where am I? Did I see me?


Maybe it was the first time


Allahumma Salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad


The path of divine intervention




Allah blesses Muhammad


May we be with Muhammad


Al Fatihah


Guide to the straight path



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