Autobiography of my Conscious Philosophy – My first 5 years in Islam

A teacher mentioned once that statistically, most converts who actually leave Islam after converting usually do so within their first five years (reference would be quite nice here). I’d like to outline the phases and experiences I’d gone through as a Muslim in my first five years. I will not get into the details of my life choices, but rather with regards to my spiritual growth/decline and experiences specific to religion and the metaphysical, thus my name for the autobiography series, Autobiography of my Conscious Philosophy.

When I first entered into Islam, I was told I could take my time establishing the five prayers. I personally wanted to experience salah and I had practically begun immediately after my conversion. Surely, I didn’t have fiqh mastered at that point and I had found myself making silly, obvious and strange errors and misunderstandings on things such as wudhu even six months afterward. A transliterated Arabic copy of al-Fatihah was all I had (I guess I didn’t hear about the recitation of a second surah until later).


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